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 Callaway FT IQ in the market

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PostSubject: Callaway FT IQ in the market   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:03 am

Callaway FT IQ in the market

Most of those technical specs can only go so far plus the proof is going to be how it plays around the program. The first day we took six men and women out towards selection for some testing to watch what their views were definitely. golf clubs for sale 4 out on the six people that tested the Callaway FT IQ on day one particular battle with losing that ball towards appropriate off the tee. Ishiner This other two struggle with losing it towards left. The first issue we found is that this sound is significantly far more “real” together with less tinny than final year’s style. burner superfast fairway Sound can be a enormous portion of drivers these days with some being loud ample to trigger hearing damage. Every golfer strike about 30 balls with the club set together with then we have together in order to notes. Most of 4 golfers that struggled which has a fade or slice were definitely in HEAVEN. ft-iq driver They reported backside good distance, phenomenal control, together with no slicing. The two golfers that had issues which has a hook both had troubles with this club. They genuinely liked this confront at impact but just struggled to maintain it immediately. ping g10 irons Around the next week, I played this club set around the program together with to my amazement, it really is long together with immediately. On the other hand I am one particular of those people that will lose it towards appropriate so having a club set slightly offset possesses in no way been an issue in my opinion. callaway lady x22 irons I played 8 times with this club set around the training course plus the ideal work was striking most of 14 fairways with it. The worst effort was hitting 11 of them. To put that into perspective I average about 11 fairways per round at my home course. The distance was pretty very good too. Surely on par distance wise with what I am applied to playing with even more forgiveness.

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Callaway FT IQ in the market
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