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 Once all players have to use the ball

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PostSubject: Once all players have to use the ball   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:09 am

Once all players have to use the ball

Once all players have to use the ball, play sequence that should be farthest from the hole to determine the use of the ball, the ball shall first be those furthest from the hole to play. This principle since the first written rules of golf since the advent in 1744 is considered as appropriate. If the two players are equal distance from the ball to the hole should be to draw lots to decide who to play. If a hole in match play in the split, the area in the last tee shot on the right of priority in the party to retain the right; while in stroke play, this "honor" belongs to that ball in the just finished hole score of at least players.

If players choose to play from the tee ball or in the original provisional tee shot after the fight the second ball, there will be a problem? Rule 10-3 clearly states: If the players play a provisional ball from the tee or the second ball, you should complete the opponent or fellow competitor after his first stroke, in match play, then the application of the rule 10 - 1c and 2c treatment. It should also be aware that in match play, when players are not recognized and a short putt putt into the hole, his opponents have the right to ask him to play in the correct order of weight.


When two balls in a lateral water hazard is lost in the same place, the play order? If you think it depends on the player where to drop so close, so you are wrong. Case 10 / 3 can give you the correct answer: to be determined by lot, just assume that the distance between the two ball to the hole the same as in the case. Before the ball is removed, in order to play the ball position is always determined. Therefore, if the two players found their balls in the water hazard and bunkers, the ball farther away from the hole the players who will be first hit, even though he threw the ball more in accordance with rules close to the hole (Case 10 / 2 .) (Translation / SUN Yong)

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Once all players have to use the ball
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