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 who should be first hit in the game

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PostSubject: who should be first hit in the game   Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:56 am

who should be first hit in the game

[Rule] in order to play under different circumstances who should be first hit in the game

This rule is about in a variety of circumstances, who should be the issue first hit in the game

The definition of the order of play is the first play from the tee that the priority of the players hit the ball right.

This is the only violation of the rules without penalty once a provision. Rules found in the stroke play player fails to play the correct order is profitable, but the situation there is conducive to accelerating the progress of play. Therefore, in addition to a very few exceptions, they are not subject to punishment, such as rule 10-2 said, in stroke play, the competitor fails to correct the order of play is not subject to punishment, but should position the ball to stop play . If the Committee agreed to determine the match between the order of play outside the rules, in order to benefit someone on them, then they should be disqualified.

Match play, not in accordance with the provisions of the order of play is not subject to punishment, but there are several different situations, because the players play strategy is based on the opponent's shot is often circumstantial. Therefore, the rule 10-1c that "if the players play by the opponents when playing the ball, the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the second hit, then the player should be in the correct order, as close to that last play in the early place before playing the ball without penalty. "This case was in 2000 occurred in the Solheim Cup, when Stam (Annika Sorenstam) is cut from a shot to play around the greens, but she had to hit the ball. On the other hand, if the player does not play in the order hit the ball out of bounds, is definitely "will not require him to re-hit the ball."

The problem first appeared in the order of 1 tee area. If wholesale golf clubs 20110402 the tournament committee has decided to play by the order, then the players will play according to the order. Otherwise, it should be decided by drawing lots hitting the right priorities, such as pumping play in order - (this system extend the U.S. PGA Tour event on the common practice, throw coins, including the method of tossing seat after landing within the meaning of its cutting-edge The players have a priority right to serve.

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who should be first hit in the game
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