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 The purpose of the rule

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PostSubject: The purpose of the rule   Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:49 am

The purpose of the rule

The purpose of the rule is that when the game can not get immediate ruling allows the case to continue playing games. Mizuno JPX A25 Driver For example, the competitor's ball rolled into one he thinks can and should be identified as the refurbishment of the Commission to the region. If he wants to invoke the content of the rules 3-3, Mizuno JPX A25 Fairway Wood the correct procedure should be:

1) First, he further action - such as the ball is still with the first test before the next shot, the second fight must be declared

The intention of the ball; and declare rules allow, he will use the score which the ball.

2) Unless the same score Mizuno JPX A25 Irons two goals, otherwise the score card before submission, he must report that fact to the Commission; If you do not perform this procedure, he will be disqualified.

In the above example, the competitor's declared wish to use the second ball score, that is, renovated in accordance with the relevant rules of play after receiving remedial drop results. And he hit the region from which the original ball doubt the results obtained is 5, and hit the second goal is to get the results 6. Then the competitor in a rare situation, he would want was rejected by the Commission will use the Mizuno jpx AD Fairway Wood second goal he announced the score. If the Commission finds, after which the original ball was renovated in the area of ??doubt, the game's in the hole score of 6. If the Committee considers that the area should not be a piece of renovation, the bar that golf online store Wholesale golf clubs 20110402 can not accept impunity remedial actions, then the competitor that the hole score of 5.

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The purpose of the rule
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