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 Golf Equipment Taylormade R11 Driver

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PostSubject: Golf Equipment Taylormade R11 Driver   Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:58 am

Golf Equipment Taylormade R11 Driver

Taylormade R11 Driver

3 pole only how to play 18 holes Tang coach teach you how to select lever

AP 3 pole playing 18 holes?

How can!

Nothing is impossible! In June 21 the upcoming "Pan-Pearl River Delta Golf" summer game, will be put on a 3 game. But to give you a member of advance preparation, the Tang Jinchang famous Lake coach here for everyone, "Weapon" to the. Taylormade Burner XD Irons

"In fact, three golf training is a very interesting model. Play three most important race is to the technical features according to their shot selection. I have a 6 iron with a 9-hole, 36 completed. "We may not know, coach Don will personally end of this three game to play it! "This race, I am going to use is the No. 1 three-pole wood, 6 iron and a 9-iron. Because I own more confident No. 1 wood, a five hole, I can drive to 260-280 yards between; 9-iron, I can deal with all four holes green, low ball, ball, bunker shot, the ball 150 yards of the base can handle; As for the 6-iron, I can use it to handle all three holes, you can also use it as putting, because it's relatively straight face. " TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Driver

Picked the right club, the ball is how to do it? Tang coach said, of course, to play the ball of your imagination and ability to do it! Tee needs far to the left curved bar with; after the need to control the swing on the green speed, curvature and distance to the right with the curved bar. Meanwhile, the accurate calculation is very critical. "A field example No. 1 hole, blue tee is 295 yards, a safe distance is 120 yards. Hit 6-iron tee shot 180 yards, leaving 115 yards. So the angle of the green is relatively low, the need to control of the ball to the green before placement. and so, after the green ball rolling, we'll do a half swing hole on it. " TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Fairway Wood

Because the game can take 14 standard pole end, the three members of the race you may encounter a variety of problems, coach Don reminder to everyone here, and the game you should pay special attention Oh! TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Irons

"If you do not use a wide angle shot, then we should try to avoid the bunkers; If you do not want to putt with, we must practice a lot hitting irons specific technology; If you do not want to take a short rod, it is necessary to fully estimate the distance the ball rolling, Get out of the green to avoid the ball. Of course, speaking of the final, playing three game, or to give full play to your imagination, well in advance all of the design. " Taylormade R7 CGB MAX Limited Driver

Tang coach, said he estimated that he could complete in 75 of the game, you also want to challenge him? If you want to up to enlist in the "Pan-Pearl River Delta Golf" Summer Race it! golf equipment

Select Rod Tips

Power-type player (kick-off 250 yards or so): Select 1-wood, P Rod, putting;

General player (kick-off between 200-220 yards): Select 1-wood, 7 iron, P rod;

Precision player (technology type): Select 3-wood, 7 iron, P rod;

Ladies: 1 wood (required), 9 iron, putter ooobgolfclubs

wholesale golf clubs

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Golf Equipment Taylormade R11 Driver
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